… to all my English language subscribers! Ever since I started posting sketches and paintings to this blog I have done so in two languages: English and German. Being married to an American and absorbing my knowledge of watercolour painting mainly from English language sources, I felt that including English – even though I live in Germany – was the only way I could be transparent about my process and development. Now that I think about it, I had actually planned to have an English-only website and by and by decided to also do German so that my German family members could understand what I was doing, too…

Well, the website has grown up a bit and I have new plans for it and for my art business, and sadly this means that I will have to stop writing bi-lingual posts. There are a few options as to how I can still keep you updated on my progress if you’re interested; I haven’t really decided which one to pursue yet. So stay tuned! But for now, I want to thank you all wherever you are for following my blog over the past few years. I hope you have seen the odd inspiring sketch here. As a little farewell present – even though I am not going anywhere, but still – here are a bunch of plein air sketches from my summer vacation this year plus more recent exploits at home.

This is probably my favourite sketch of the year! I painted it with only three colours. This little yoghurt manufacturer is just around the corner from where we live.
In Bienenbüttel, which is a small town not far from Luneburg. It was drizzling but my painting buddy and I were safely seated under an umbrella.
The first holiday sketch: we went camping near the Zugspitze in Austria. Everything went super smooth with the wee one, so we will definitely go camping with him again. This was in the evening after he had gone to sleep.
Father and son by a little mountain lake. They were throwing pebbles in.
View across the valley in Ehrwald, Austria. I loved all these little barns and stables and sheds everywhere.
Our three-week holiday included a few days in Luneburg, too. During those days I sketched a disused railway line in my part of town. A magical place!
Then the wee one and I went to spend a week at my parents‘ holiday home out in the countryside. I set out on the bicycle one morning to capture what to me is most typical for this area.
The path near the house at dusk and my mother returning from walking the dog.

It’s been a wonderful holiday! We returned in mid-August and took up where we left off in terms of daycare, work and home life. Our little man loves his daycarer and the other children and my hubby and I are happily plodding along pursuing our different tasks. This always includes some garden work, too – for him, not for me 🙂

I hope you liked some of these sketches. I will be in touch!