I touched up this little guy (you may recognise it) because it needed a bit more work in the foreground. Thank you for the tip, Anja! Well, and since I was on it I also restated the background a bit so that there is more distance in the scene. Through painting this tree, first from life and then in the home studio, I have become very attached to it. That is what I love so much about plein air painting – the sending out of roots which encompass all the trees and rivers around me (well, to the extent that I have painted them from life). All the images become locked in time: in my heart and on the canvas. This tree here, for example, no longer exists in the state in which I have painted it. The left-leaning side of it – which is the one that gives it its special aesthetic appeal, I think – has been cut off by the city council recently. I am the happier, therefore, to have preserved this beautiful tree in this painting.


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