I used to be an avid hiker back in the days when I still lived in Scotland, and I have always taken lots of photos on my walks. So naturally, I have a lot of lovely landscape photos in my possession. I am only slowly beginning to tap into that wealth of two-dimensional beauty, and it’s oh-so-great to do that! I can sit there for hours just looking at photos and painting in my imagination!

This is one of the first little paintings I have done with the help of my old photos. It’s a tiny colour study in preparation for going large. I realised just now that the values are not quite right yet. Maybe it’s the photo or maybe it’s really the painting itself, but it seems as if the distant hills could be quite a bit more distant. I need to check that at home. Fingers crossed for going large with this one! I haven’t painted larger formats in years.

The view is of the Forest of Birse near Aboyne. Forest-of-Birse-S