Illmenau, Mai
Hmm, I have to reconsider my use of lemon yellow…it’s almost always too much. Spring green is not as shrill as I have rendered it, not even in Luneburg (there is a permanent nuclear waste repository nearby).

Dear friends, since submitting my big project on Monday I have been busy doing nothing. It’s a tough one, keeps me occupied all day every day 😉 First I had to get my bike fixed and go for a ride with it afterwards to see all my facourite places again. I spent some time by the river which was lovely! Then there is that new camelia in the yard, which I had to try my hand on. It was a bit less bad than the last one I tried, but honestly, camelias are difficult. Peppermints are easier, hehe. Trying to finish up a few older paintings too…so much to do *swoon gesture* Life is good and I am grateful for having a bit of time to sketch and paint. I hope so do you! Thanks for checking in, Antje.




I envy you that time for sketching and painting. How my day manages to fill itself up with menial tasks that give me no sense of achievement (other than ending up with a completed list) is beyond me! Love the peppermint sketch – would try one myself, but here in Aberdeen there are still few leaves to be seen and certainly the peppermint in the garden is taking its time to emerge.

How lovely to hear from you! Thank you for liking the peppermint 🙂 That sense of not having achieved anything is no stranger here either, trust me. I wanted to draft a paper today and am no-where near doing anything like it. So be it. I suppose I need the painting to feel whole, so I always do a bit of it these days. How is the allotment coming along? I bet you have a few things there which look interesting? Check out Haidee-Jo Summers, she always paints allotments. Love, A.

Thank you, Birgit! It’s official: camelias simply ARE difficult. But they also really fascinate me. Bless you and your friend for the red camelias – they must be so beautiful!

Thank you, Rachel! I suppose it is the mystery of form and colour which always draws me to flowers, no matter how tricky they are.

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