Illmenau, Mai

Hmm, I have to reconsider my use of lemon yellow…it’s almost always too much. Spring green is not as shrill as I have rendered it, not even in Luneburg (there is a permanent nuclear waste repository nearby).

Dear friends, since submitting my big project on Monday I have been busy doing nothing. It’s a tough one, keeps me occupied all day every day 😉 First I had to get my bike fixed and go for a ride with it afterwards to see all my facourite places again. I spent some time by the river which was lovely! Then there is that new camelia in the yard, which I had to try my hand on. It was a bit less bad than the last one I tried, but honestly, camelias are difficult. Peppermints are easier, hehe. Trying to finish up a few older paintings too…so much to do *swoon gesture* Life is good and I am grateful for having a bit of time to sketch and paint. I hope so do you! Thanks for checking in, Antje.